Other Services

Distinguished as the engineering firm of reference in the Acadian region, CORBO Génie Conseil is committed to meeting all your engineering expectations. Our wide range of services, from civil to naval engineering, from architecture to energy management, and from 3D animation to electrical engineering, reflects our versatility and expertise. Our team of dedicated professionals, constantly on the cutting edge of innovation, is dedicated to bringing your projects to fruition with performance, safety and sustainability. Whether your ambitions are local or wider New Brunswick-wide, trust CORBO to make them a reality.

Our 3D animation services play an essential role in entertainment, visual communication, architecture, education, training and data visualization. These services bring ideas to life, facilitate understanding and deliver engaging visual experiences, giving great creative flexibility in a variety of fields. ARCHITECTURE ET DESIGN VISUALISATION DE DONNEES
Our cybersecurity services include incident monitoring and detection, security auditing, vulnerability management, data backup, employee awareness and cybersecurity governance. CORBO offers customized solutions to minimize the risk of incidents and improve the security of your infrastructure. Our experts can help you implement policies and emergency measures to ensure the protection of your data and IT systems. MONITORING AND DETECTION CYBERSECURITY AUDIT​ VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT BACKUP AWARENESS AND PHISHING CAMPAIGN​ GOVERNANCE​
Our modified vehicle and trailer certification services offer enhanced safety, guarantee regulatory compliance and ensure superior quality and reliability for the modifications made. This gives owners of modified vehicles and trailers the peace of mind of knowing that their vehicles are safe, compliant and reliable. For any request please fill in the form by clicking on the following link FORM. ROAD SAFETY REGULATORY CONFORMITY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
CORBO offers comprehensive building management and maintenance services, including assessment of infrastructure and ventilation systems. In collaboration with our customers, we develop a customized plan and implement improvement programs. We manage special projects with rigorous quality control to ensure safety and performance. Our turnkey service ensures professional management, expertise and cost-effectiveness. Develop your projects successfully with CORBO. BUILDING MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEMENT
  • Inspection of infrastructure conditions
  • CVAC | HVAC systems
  • Project planning and design
  • Ressources coordination
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Risk management
  • Delivery and project closure
CORBO’s Marine Mammal Entanglement Project aims to protect marine life, rescue entangled animals and raise public awareness of marine wildlife conservation. It contributes to preserving ocean ecosystems, reducing the suffering of marine mammals and promoting environmentally-friendly behavior. This project is essential to ensure the survival of marine species and the preservation of the oceans’ biological diversity. MARINE MAMMALS ENTANGLEMENT PROJECT
  • Research and monitoring
  • Awareness and education
  • Rescue and rehabilitation
  • Coordination and partnerships